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23 April, World Book Day

Celeste Cuéllar de Pérez presentó su primer libro.

Celeste Perez Cuellar presented his first book.

To mark International Day of the Book, the "Luis Cardoza y Aragón" the Ministry of Culture and Sports National Library, conducted a series of educational and recreational activities designed especially for children, girls and young.

The World Book Day was established by the United Nations Educational, Science and Culture (UNESCO), the 23 April 1,995. The primary objective of the commemoration, is to promote reading and literary industry, addition to recognizing copyright.

For the occasion, were developed simultaneously activities in all areas of the library facilities available, including workshops and broader public interest in writing and books, among these was conducted one on "Copyright" led to Authors and Publishers, by staff of the Registry of Intellectual Property.

This workshop was presented the motivational book "The True Path" of the new Guatemalan writer Celeste Perez Cuellar, who stated that such events are much needed and should be done consistently, because they can spark an interest in reading and writing books on the new generations of Guatemalans.

Another activity that had a very good response was "Morning Story, Legends and Anecdotes ", by members of the Association Zacapaneca Storytelling and Anecdotes (AZCCA) and directed to Readers Circle Pro Blind and Deaf Blind Committee of Guatemala, that made us laugh with his good humor and anecdotes. The publisher also collaborated with Holy Stone "Storytelling" for younger.

The musical touch was given by jazz group "Zero Degrees" from the School of Art at the University of San Carlos of Guatemala USAC. There was also pintacaritas, balloon twisting and a presentation of "Maya Ballgame", conducted outside the National Library.

The "Luis Cardoza y Aragón" National Library invites Guatemalans to come to this house of knowledge and start in the world of reading and writing books in general.

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