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Cultural Center of Escuintla

Among its facilities are made to promote and disseminate the artistic and cultural expressions, local, domestic and foreign, in the department of Escuintla, providing adequate space for the organization and presentation of events and shows of different artistic disciplines of human knowledge, and house the headquarters of the School of Arts of Escuintla and the Conservatory of Music Department. Its main functions are:
  • Schedule and conduct activities for the purpose of managing the artistic cultural functions, sport and recreation through the use of resources and infrastructure Cultural Center.
  • Facilitate public access to cultural activities, artistic and recreational activities in order to strengthen the identities, partnership for development, equity and social justice.
  • Promote and disseminate cultural identity and civic values ​​of Escuintla.
  • Execute and manage development policy, and promoting cultural and artistic extension in accordance with the law.
  • Run and manage policy for preservation and maintenance of cultural heritage of the nation in accordance with the law.
  • Performing other duties as, within the scope of its competence, assigned by the Director General.


The place where he is currently the Cultural Center of Escuintla "Lic. Aristides Crespo Villegas ", is full of memories for escuintlecos as from the year of 1913 a 1945 worked various establishments and schools in the state, being the last to run The School For Girls "September 15", during the years of 1946 a 1978. But in the year of 1988 a heavy storm lashes the city of Escuintla damaging several of their homes, streets, main avenues, parks, hospitals and buildings among them the much-loved "September 15", (as it was called back then), taking this as a result the fall of one of the walls on the south.
Years later Hortensia Master Corado, Mr.. Mario Roberto Estrada, in the company of others, formed a Committee for Pro-Build Cultural Center of Escuintla. So for the year 2000 with support from the Central Government and Earthmoving, total demolition starts except for the perimeter walls, of the "September 15". Significantly initially built the foundations of what is now Auditorium Arts School.
In 2001 Deputy to the Congress by the Department of Escuintla Lic. Aristides Crespo Villegas, being part of the Central Government, and being aware of the endless work being undertaken in the company Corado Hortensia Master of the Committee for Construction of a Cultural Center of Escuintla, manages the procedures required to obtain financing, through Fonapaz and COREDUR.
Thus, during the government of President Alfonso Portillo Cabrera, Deputy to the Congress by the Department of Escuintla Lic. Aristides Crespo Villegas, management promoted the creation of the Cultural Center of Escuintla, in the departmental capital of Escuintla. At that later would add the name "Lic. Aristides Crespo Villegas ". Lic this proposal. Oscar Aníbal García Rodríguez, Councilman II, being approved ESCUINTLA name CULTURAL CENTER "Lic. Aristides Crespo Villegas "by the Municipal Corporation by unanimous vote 29 November 2001. By Act No. 235-2001. Not having any of the members of the Municipal Corporation unopposed, by the great career that Lic. Aristides Crespo Villegas has played in his position as Deputy for the Department of Escuintla, so then named some of the work done for the benefit of the population in general Escuintleca.
In the departmental capital of Escuintla: construction of the 4th. Avenue (the main avenue of the town), remodeling Central Park Escuintla Municipality, construction of the City of Escuintla, construction of the Avenida Central America (most important road for heavy transport), etc.. In the other municipalities in the department of Escuintla: Basic Education Institute in La Gomera, that also bears his name, Construction of Democracy Demo, support to fishermen, around the coast of the department. At the national level has shown its unconditional support for the National Teaching through Roster reduction is currently 4 years old (before 5 years old). In addition to the projection of works focused on the entire department escuintleco, the initiative of laws Congress of the Republic of Guatemala. Last but not least is a lover of literature, drama and poetry which is reflected in his writings: “!The Wait "and" Hands of My Father ".
Finally, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Government Decision No.157-2003 published 31 March of the year 2003, adopted the name of the Centro Cultural de Escuintla "Lic. Aristides Crespo Villegas ". So the 01 June of the year 2002 opens the Cultural Center of Escuintla "Lic. Aristides Crespo Villegas ", in order to create a cultural center for escuintlecos, in which not only could promote and foster a love of culture and taste for art, but also discover new artistic talents escuintlecos.
After passing a few years, Escuintla Cultural Center "Lic. Aristides Crespo Villegas ", undergoes remodeling after several months of renovations and structural work, again opened the doors of the Center of Culture in Escuintla, space which aims to ensure the dissemination and preservation of Guatemalan art in this region.
The reopening was held on Monday 6 September of the year two thousand and nine, from the 14:30 pm in the Auditorium of the Cultural Center of Escuintla "Lic. Aristides Crespo Villegas "and was attended by government officials, of Congress, Civil Society and students of the department Escuintla.
In these months of work was improved lighting system, expanded the stage and backstage, waterproofing was the dome of the auditorium, accesses created two entry doors and sides made an adjustment of the air conditioning system, inter alia.
The meeting was opened by the director of the Cultural Center, Magdalena Perez who made reference to the opportunity that you have to promote as many activities, both educational and professional level.
For his part, the Director General of the Arts, William Orbaugh, space officially reopened yet commented on the possibility of better conditions for users, both visitors and artists.
To conclude the formal ceremony, Deputy for Escuintla, Lic. Aristides Crespo was pleased with the support received from the Ministry of Culture and Sports for the management of the work performed, and that frequent use of the space required maintenance work as performed.
VISION: It's a modern government institution, Efficient and effective, rector of cultural development of the country and contributes to the promotion of sport and recreation: Implements policies that respond to the Peace Accords and the National Cultural Development Plan long term. Its work focuses on fostering a culture of peace, strengthening and consolidation Guatemalan identity of a multicultural and multilingual.
MISSION: Strengthening and promoting Guatemala identity and the culture of peace, in the context of cultural diversity and the promotion of intercultural, protection through promotion and dissemination of values ​​and cultural expressions of the peoples that make up the Guatemalan nation through a strong institutional mechanisms and through deconcentration, decentralization, transparency and citizen participation, contribute to the Guatemalan people have a better life.
The Cultural Center of Escuintla "Lic. Aristides Crespo Villegas ", is located in the center of the town of Escuintla, surrounded by beautiful cultural heritages among them the majestic Catholic Church "Our Lady of Conception", over 400 years old, Escuintla Municipality and the Internal Revenue Building currently SAT.
Armed with an auditorium which has a capacity for 364 people in the first level and 150 people on the second level; School of Arts (classes taught marimba, guitar, floor, battery, dance, ballet, etc.); Parking (1 outside and 1 basement); Open Spaces (for exhibitions and meetings); Administrative Area (Offices currently find) and green area (ahead).

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