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Cultural Policies and National Sports

politicas At the dawn of the XXI century, Guatemala has entered a new era. After immense efforts are weaving peace. Now we have to win the future and for that we are laying the foundation of dialogue, the solidarity and mutual eentendimiento. Now is the time of self-recognition, strengthening of the identity and the identities. It is time to be ourselves, to regain and assert our essence plural for a just and supportive destination. Sedimentation of peace and nation building multicultural Guatemalan, multiethnic and multilingual still require joint efforts of government and civil society. Therefore, cultural policies should be formulated based on the needs and demands of the population. Download Cultural and National Sports Policy pdf version

National Cultural Development Plan Long Term

The culture shapes our world view. Can, for, result in attitudinal changes necessary to ensure peace and sustainable development, which as is well known, are the only ways to sustain life on our planeta.Descargar National Cultural Development Plan Long Term pdf version Descargar Plan de Desarrollo Cultural a Largo Plazo

Public Policy From the Book, Reading The Escrtura And Libraries

Politicas_publicas_del_libro This document is the result of the effort and the ability to Guatemalan and Guatemalan Public Management. Download policies

Políticas culturales deportivas y Recreativas 2015 2034 hacer clic en los vínculos de abajo para obtener las diferentes versiones en formato pdf

politicas culturales 2015








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