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Old Book Museum

• Address:
House of the First Printing, Portal of the City not. 6 La Antigua Guatemala
• Telephone:
• Tarifa:
National: Q.2.00
Foreigners: Q.10.00
School: Exonerated
• Hours:
Open to public: Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 a 16:00 hours
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a 12:00 pm and 14:00 a 16:00 hours.
Monday: Closed. Administrative Hours: Lunes a Viernes de 9:00 a 17:30 Hours.
Access to the Museum, transport means:
The Old Book Museum is located in the central, in the city of La Antigua Guatemala, whose access is established directly from the capital city of Guatemala, from the department of Chimaltenango and from the Department of Escuintla. Can be transported through light vehicles, charter transportation system and extra-urban transport, latter, flows regularly, for the importance of Guatemala City.
• Email: mlibroantiguo@itelgua.com


The visitor can see at the Museum of the Ancient Book, the tour that shows the history of print production in colonial times in what was the Kingdom of Guatemala, are three permanent showrooms, you can know a part of the collection of ancient documents.

The Chamber No. 1, called "Room Introduction of Printing in Guatemala" , showing here brief information about Gutenberg printed the first, who is credited with the invention of printing, and also the first book printed in Guatemala, escirto author was Fray Payo Enriquez de Rivera, who introduced printing to Guatemala in the year of 1660, printed by José de Pineda Ibarra, Guatemala first printer of the year 1663. Documents will also come out of the first printing presses which flourished in the Kingdom of Guatemala. Illustrating the room, murals which can be seen how they could run scenes Gutenberg workshops and José de Pineda Ibarra. The Chamber No. 2 emphasizes the technique of etching, both woodcut (woodcut), lithography (etched in stone), and the first copies of books and documents illustrated and decorated. Currently proposed organization promotes a museum and museology, which will show the development of printmaking in Guatemala. Last, Chamber at No. 3 or "Sala Marbled Paper" shows a series of books based Decorated Jasper technique, This technique was used by bookbinders Colonial, to beautify the loins, pasta covered and books, technique is handmade and can display the process known, appreciate well as through a diorama, a workshop of Marbled.

It also presents a series of temporary exhibitions each year with a variety of topics, as samples of the collection of documents held, studies collections, issues related to the theme of the museum, presentation of contemporary art, Guatemalan and international crafts, etc..


The Old Book Museum is a cultural and educational institution, part responsible for safeguarding the nation's Bibliographic Heritage.

His valuable collection of ancient documents consists of a 2500 works, many of which were donated by residents and foreign antigüeños, well as related institutions. Overall, the collection is part of the history of the intellectual life of the country.

Books and Brochures: the soul of the museum is its collection of Old Books, whose subject is part of a wide range, highlighting those related to the Catholic religion and the spread of the faith, such as the first book printed in Guatemala, Explicatio entitled Apologetics, Chronicles, Books of Hours and Prayers, Sermons, between, others, most printed in Guatemala, but also has ancient books printed abroad and languages. The brochures provide abundant material, printed one 95% in Guatemala, whose subjects are mainly related to the Catholic religion.

Manuscripts: a small part of the collection make handwritten documents, representing themselves notebooks, university records, official documents, among other topics. Tallies Universitarias: the museum has in its collection, documents in which we admire the advancement that had reached the typographic art in the Kingdom of Guatemala, these include the University Fascia, invitations to events or graduation exams of students from the University of San Carlos of the time.

Lithography: this collection shows one of the techniques used for reproduction of prints used in the nineteenth and twentieth XIXI, based on sedimentary limestone blocks, Museum lithographs contain allegorical scenes, portraits, assumptions, Labels, Stamp, diplomas, inter alia. Loose Sheets: consisting of a single sheet documents representing proofing, brotherhoods patents, decrees, recorded, prints, inter alia. Works of historical: also recorded pieces that are part of the collection for its historical value, such as: Printing press Replica, which could be used as José de Pineda Ibarra, Mechanical and utensils used by early printers and successors. Tests and samples of some brands of printers and booksellers bookplates and private libraries. Murals, Expansions, and Allegories.


The museum offers visitors, scheduled visits and tours, distribution of information material to support permanent and temporary exhibitions, educational activities such as reading workshops, creative arts workshops, etc.. , conferences, talks, video projection-cultural education. It also has a space for consulting catalogs and museum collections and literature provides guidance to the researcher.


The Old Book Museum is a national museum, which belongs to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, coordinated by the National Coordinating Museums. It is a specialized museum whose theme deals around the typographic production during the Colonial, Product protects ancient documents of the first workshops typographical.

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