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Celebrate ADESCO fifteenth birthday

The institution ADESCA-Contribution to the Cultural Decentralization- held on 09 July the fifteenth anniversary, performing a commemorative activity at the Cultural Center of Spain, 6ª. Avenue area 1, where he presented the history and activities report 2012, among other activities.


ADESCA is a decentralized public institution of the State, charged with strengthening the knowledge, respect, revaluation, preservation and promotion of the different cultural coexisting in the country, through citizen participation. Attend technical and financial projects that contribute to value, preserve and innovate the cultural expressions of Guatemala.

The work report 2012 was delivered by Augusto Vela, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Charles Batzin ADESCA, Minister for Culture and Sports.


During its fifteen years of existence, ADESCA has promoted and supported 635 projects in all regions of the country and in many disciplines of art and culture in general, reaching the most remote places that were not seen before, generating participation and community development.

The minister Batzin, He thanked and congratulated the entire team that makes the institution, assuming the commitment as a state and government, to support cultural associations; both, acknowledged that ADESCA is an entity that has a very important significance not only for the country, but also to all the people who make this cultural.


The presence of ADESCA in the farthest reaches of Guatemala, serves to potentiate the Guatemalan identity, adding priceless value for culture and strengthening the country's identity, generating welfare society.

Culture, engine of development!

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