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Veral cane symbolizes and cornfield. Everything that is related to home and family. It is the symbol that left June Ajpu Ixb'alamkej of his life, when cane planted in the yard of the house of the grandmother Ixmukane. Aj is a symbol of resurrection and Ixb'alamkej Jun Ajpu, who did not die in the hands of the lords of Xibalba. It is the triumph of good over evil.
Also (cane, lord or master also). Fate is represented by Nawal or Nawals. 8 Aj is the day which establishes one's destiny, to call and recognize.

Also; also corn, sweet corn. Linked up with everything related to children.
And is especially good day to pray for the creatures. (Goubaud C.)

Also the day of disease in bone weakness, but a lot of spiritual energy.

Also: It is home, the house, everything that is related to the home. Those born in Aj can be priests Maya. (T2)

It means:

The home and family of all generations tender; 8 Aj is celebrated Children's Day.
The staff of the power of divine virtues, reasonableness, the sacred word.
Cane, Ajpu June symbol Ixbalanke left of his life, when planted cane in the yard, Home owner, and tenderness.
Nawal of the arts.
Meaning Key: The integrity of Faith.


  • Protection for home
  • Protection for children
  • It asks the abundance of animals
  • Are asked to give us good weather
  • We are asked to surrender the sacred food
  • Protection for agricultural production and good harvests.
  • For cutting authorities, both material and spiritual and calm trouble between families.

It is: In the right eye.


  • Authority
  • Intelligent
  • Strict
  • He is respected by his friends
  • Principles solid moral and ethical field.
  • Attracted by religion or philosophical and theological studies.
  • Employee
  • Joker
  • Nagging
  • Jealous
  • Nervous
  • Exposed to discuss and judge
  • He does what he pleases
  • Extremist, Moderation is not
  • Pranks ago
  • There is constant in faith
  • Variable
  • Frequently suffer, child becomes ill at
  • Alcoholic
  • Destroyer
  • A variable life, pain,
  • sadness and joy.

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