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AjpuAjpu. It is light and is the representation of Grandfather Sun. Means cerbatanero, hunter, shooter and Walker. It is the day of bodily strength and the triumph of good over obstacles. It represents the triumph of June Ajpu and Ixbalamke on the lords of Xibalba. This sign was given to Grandma Ixmukane when they planted the cane sprouted the two boys in the backyard.

Is the day of great Ajaw, the father and solar representation, the day of greatness, force life. It is he who brings light and clarity to human beings and all humanity.

Regenerative force is, life cycle. The ability to have the entire galaxy. Governing the lunar and solar eclipses. Is time to serve others.

Spiritual function
Day to make offerings to the deceased grandparents.
Auspicious day to treat diseases.
It calls for life and strength.
Day to ask the triumph of good over evil.

Characteristic of a person born in Ajpu
Its origin is E and its destination is Q'anil.

You can develop better intelligence.
May have artistic talents.
Be happy.
He defends very well.
It can become Spiritual Guide.
It's good for hunting.

Possible Weaknesses
You can fall into the anger.
It may be sharp.
It's tricky.
You can get sick.
You can avoid responsibility.
Has difficulty accepting corrections.
You can have an attitude self.


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