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Madrid mayor is vested with appointment of Messenger of Peace

The head of the mayor of Madrid, Spain, Ana Botella received the honor of Changing the Rose of Peace, in a ceremony held on Monday 19 January at the Patio of Peace National Palace. The distinction made in the company of the Vice President Roxana Baldetti, Minister of Culture and Sports, Dwight Pezzarossi and the Ambassador of Spain in Guatemala, Manuel María Lejarreta.

After the session, met with the President Otto Perez Molina, Vice President and government officials Guatemala. He then went to the Centennial Park Bandshell which witnessed a concert seniors attending this Ministry. Later he went to the Metropolitan Cathedral, where she was received by Archbishop Oscar Julio Vian Morales and met inside the religious building.

Upon leaving Cathedral walked along with government authorities in the Paseo de la Sexta to go to the Cultural Center of Spain, old cinema Lux. The agenda continued at the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology in Guatemala, in the Street of Museums, area 13. In this exhibition he witnessed the representation of Mayan Ball Game and Hispanic pieces that make up the permanent exhibition.

At the Museum offered a lunch in his honor, comprising traditional elements of Guatemalan cuisine. At night, Mayor attends the opening of the Year of Culture, in Great Room "Efraín Recinos" Cultural Center "Miguel Angel Asturias".

The Spanish official makes this visit to Guatemala to mark the distinction "Guatemala, Latin American Capital of Culture 2015 ", conferred by the Union of Latin American Capital Cities, entity which she chairs.

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