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Alliance seeks to strengthen programs for children and youth

Today, Association Alliance for Community Youth Development "Save the Children Guatemala"-SCG-, signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Sports-MCD-, with the purpose of conducting a coordinated and beneficial for children and youth, capable of implementing the Strategic Agenda and the National Cultural Development Plan Long Term.

The activities will be focused on potential the disclosure and dissemination of art, culture, recreation and sport is not federated or school; as well as other actions that are beneficial to the development of childhood and adolescence.

Through this agreement, join efforts to implement nouns childhood programs, youth, inclusion and coexistence, running the Deputy Minister of Sport. Also, the association will provide technical assistance in the induction and training of Child and Youth Advocates Culture and Sports.

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Este convenio con Save the Children, which is a flagship institution that works for the development of childhood for many years, is an alliance that will strengthen, between the two entities, each of our actions for youth, said Carlos Batzin, Minister for Culture and Sports.

The agreement will be implemented in the municipalities where the ministry and the association match institutional presence and act according to their mandates, priorities and other resources. Both parties will form a Technical Committee Liaison, which shall consist of representatives of both institutions.

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We very much welcome the truly different actions such as Save the Children Guatemala are making in communities, in the departments in which we are working, will have tracking and continuity, even when children and young people in their communities, are far from the city, Candida said Rabanales, Representante Legal de Save the Children Guatemala.

Acerca de Save the Children

Save the Children inicia su labor en Guatemala en 1983 by becoming a civilian organization that works for the welfare of children and whose mission is to inspire and promote significant changes in the way that Guatemala and the world values ​​and acts on behalf of children, and adolescents, to achieve immediate and lasting improvements in their lives; strengthening the capacities of communities and local institutions and national guaranteeing the fulfillment of the rights of Childhood and Adolescence.

SCG currently has several programs focused on fulfilling the rights of children, and adolescents in the country; specifically 4 global initiatives: Education, Protection of Children and Adolescents, Health and Nutrition and Governance of the Rights of the Child. The live coverage of their programs includes the departments of Chiquimula, The Quiché, Guatemala and 5 departments through partner organizations.

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