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Announce launch of the Central American Integration Policy

In press conference the Minister of Culture and Sports Carlos Batzin, unveiled on Tuesday 21 August at 17 hours will be held the launch of the Central American Integration Cultural Policy 2012-2015, in the Court of Peace at the National Palace of Culture.

Anuncian lanzamiento de Política de Integración Centroamericana

Announce launch of the Central American Integration Policy

The Minister told the media that the strategic objective of this policy is to contribute to the development of Central America as a regional cultural space, particularly aquellos countries, territories, local community groups and social disadvantage, by building human and institutional capacities in the cultural sector.

Batzin indicated that this policy is based on three cross-cutting themes: protecting and promoting the diversity of cultural expressions, building cultures of peace and Central regionalization. This policy remained established in November 2011, at a meeting of Council of Ministers of Culture, composed 8 countries from Belize to Panama and Dominican Republic.

According to the Minister Batzin with these actions is to create an opening to culture and that all countries provide at least one 3% of its budget to the subject, Guatemala and culture that generates up to 7% Gross domestic product.

This event is part of activities marking the arrival of Oxlajuj B'aktun that will be held alongside the 21 August, Kaminaljuyu the event.

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