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Aq to ab

Aq ab alAq’ab’al. It is the symbol of the hand and the aurora formed by the first rays of the sun that overlook the mountains to dispel the darkness and the darkness of the night.

Means dawn, aurora, light, clarity, new day. It is the renewal energy. Is the arrival of light, Twilight, light that looks behind the hills and mountains.

Aq’ab’al. It is the day of the dawn, promising future of every day, the best days for our people and for each particular person.

Spiritual function
Clarifies knowledge.
Clarifies the way of life.
It leads to new opportunities for life.
Illuminates the hidden things.
Day to thank for the creation of the human.

Characteristics of a person born in Aq'ab'al:
Its origin and destination Tz'ikin, B'atz '.


  • It riser, cheerful and serene.
  • You can have good character,
  • You may have skills to treat illness.
  • Spiritual Guide can be.
  • They are strong, dynamic and astute.
  • You can have mental and physical security.

Possible Weaknesses

  • It is well recognized in his own land.
  • You can find the failure.
  • You can fall for the lie and betrayal.
  • You may have difficulty in economic.
  • It's a bit quiet and secluded.

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