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Archeology of Iximché

charla de iximché en el munae_9206
charla de iximché en el munae_9206

Under conference "Archaeology Talks", organized by the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology with the support of Ministry of Culture and Sports, It was held on Tuesday 7 October conference "Archaeology Iximche" given by Dr.. Laura Gámez.

This conference archaeologist from the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala and current Director of Iximche Archaeological Park, synthesized all the information we have so far on the site and presented the results of the most recent research projects.

According to Dr.. Gámez, Iximche’ It was founded around 1465 d.C. by a confederation of lineages Kaqchikela ', but through other archaeological studies have been able to determine an important occupation during the Classic period (250 – 1000 d.C.) in the Altiplano region, not just in the Postclassic (1000 – 1524 d.C.) as many people think.

The ancient city inhabited by the Cakchiquel, was excavated and restored in the early 1960, still preserves the remains of an important urban center in the fifteenth century, however there is still much to learn from the history of this place and its former inhabitants. Currently Iximche is located in Tecpan municipality in the department of Chimaltenango.

The lecture 2014 the MUNAE also performed with the cooperation of "Thoughtful editions" of Antigua Guatemala. Director Daniel Aquino said MUNAE, these lectures stem from the need to transmit Guatemalan society information and knowledge of archaeological research projects currently taking place in our country.

Aquino thanked the speaker for his presentation and gave recognition on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. He also thanked "editions Thoughtful", publisher who has worked with the organization of these talks ending in December.

The talks of the lecture 2014 develop in MUNAE facilities and income is free to the general public.

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