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Arranca Congreso Nacional de Políticas públicas r Deportivas

In order to review and update the National Cultural and Sport policies of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to the economic context, and plural social reality of the country, encouraging its institutionalization in state institutions, is taking place in the capital city, Congress Update, which began on 9 December, with the participation of about 500 representatives from various sectors.

In Congress have located a total of 8 worktables, to review as many policies, built by arts sector Guatemalans, cultural, academic, deportivoy government representatives, inter alia.

The event was chaired by Carlos Batzin, Minister of Culture, Leandro Yax, Deputy Culture; Francisco Ardón, Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation and Rosa Maria Chan, Viceministra de Patrimonio Cultural y Natural.

The inaugural lecture was offered by Dr. Luis Ben Andres, Andalusian Observatory Coordinator, with the theme "Importance of the constant updating of national cultural and sporting policies", sharing the experience of Spain.

"In order to generate real alternative solutions to serve the vulnerable population, mainly indigenous peoples, should begin to understand the realities in which one lives, and cultural diversity that goes beyond the four nations ", said Carlos Batzin, Minister for Culture and Sports.

"You need to distinguish the processes that are different but interrelated: 1). the creative process and that is available to a few, basically it is a privilege. And 2) which is from the public policies that support is, disseminate and citizen access to culture, which basically uses a policy and technical tool is planning ", Bye Dr. Ben Andres.

In these last three days the event, are expecting proposals and indicators to promote culture and sport at national level.

The Culture, engine of development!

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