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Quetzalteco Art mourns


Juan Miguel Arrivillaga died in Antigua Guatemala. He was a founder of Radio Ati in Solola. Photo elQUETZALTECO: Internet

Yesterday died quetzalteco architect Juan Miguel Arrivillaga, of 34 years old, better known as “Púchica”, by the name of the op-ed he wrote in this morning.

The artist's death has generated pain in the world of culture, since many artists, no matter where they are, have expressed their sadness through social networks.

"Juan Miguel had significance at the local level and regional, as artist and cultural manager. He started out in music, comprised of several groups that peaked in the mid-nineties in Quetzaltenango. It was composer, musician, painter, actor and self-taught writer, organizer of countless cultural activities both in Quetzaltenango and Solola and capital ", said the magician Juan Diego Arrivillaga, his brother, who said he was also known for hosting the famous Festivalitos and Festivalotes in Solola.

"I love you buddy, I'll see you in a few years, I love U, I love you so much, good trip my friend ", said the architect of Regina José Galindo performance, in a group of Facebook, created artwork for auction to pay for treatment that Arrivillaga needed because of a brain tumor.

Source: elquetzalteco.com.gt

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