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Art and devotion joins in carpet motif Easter

The third street in the area 1, students of the National School of Arts and collaborators of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, met to develop a carpet on the journey that makes the procession of the Holy Tuesday notice that each leaves the Temple of Mercy. The development of this artwork full of faith and devotion, It started on Monday 30 March, with the first strokes were led by Jorge Corleto.

At 10 hours of Tuesday 31, President of the Republic, Otto Pérez Molina went with the Minister of Culture and Sports, Dwight Pezzarossi, to witness the final details of this artwork. Hundreds of people crowded around the carpet, to observe the colorful details of sawdust, while greeting the staff.

The Pezzarossi Minister indicated that the development of the carpet gives particular prominence to the celebrations of Easter, where art and religious devotion are attached to one of the most important expressions of the country. Supporting these traditions helps promote culture r

Domes of the Metropolitan Cathedral and the church of La Merced, the "Miguel Angel Asturias" Cultural Center and the figure of the Nobel Prize for Literature, the fountain in the Plaza of the Constitution and the image of Jesus Nazareno de la Merced were some of the elements that Corleto and artists integrated into its design. Around 11:30 hours, the procession made its way through the carpet and the design was under the feet of cones and faithful.

He walks of Jesus Nazareno de la Merced from the temple unadorned and his step is decorated with thousands of flowers placed by thousands of devout Catholics who do I encounter on the streets.

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