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Schools Parent Association, changes Rosa Peace

In a formal ceremony, this day was held in the Court of Peace, National Palace of Culture, Change of the Rose of Peace, by Lucrecia Villagran Rosales Arriaga and Stuart Norman, representatives of the "School for Parents" Association.

Escuelas para Padres 2

Lucrecia Villagran made the change representing the Rose School Parent “Learn to Grow”.

The granting of change of the rose was given by Miguel Alvarez, Director of the National History Museum, Carlos representing Batzin, Minister of Culture.

The Ministry granted this privilege to the Association "School for Parents", due to the important mission that has been traced to contribute to the transformation of society in Guatemala through the guidance, Adult education and awareness, parents, to eradicate domestic violence and child abuse.

Subsequently change, honorees, were appointed Messengers of Peace and passed to sign the Golden Book of the National Palace of Culture.

About the Association

Parent School began in 2002, with personnel from the jurisdiction of Minors. The initiative is to promote a space with two goals, the first for the training and guidance of parents to get their children, generate changes in attitude and discipline. The second to meet the requirements stipulated by the courts of justice in Guatemala, for the reintegration of children into their homes.

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