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Ballet Guatemala in Season Gala

The National Ballet of Guatemala, recognized National Cultural Heritage, held its 65 anniversary in the Great Hall of the National Theatre Efrain Recinos, Saturday 3 August, during the opening of the filing of the 51 Official Season dedicated to the master Manuel Ocampo.

The opening began with a special commemoration for teachers, dancers and directors who have been the pioneers of ballet in Guatemala. During 65 years of existence, Ballet has been led by national and international artists have channeled this art, among them Sonia Juarez, Brenda Arevalo, Carlos Marroquin, Mark and Christa Sonia Mertins.

Ballet Guatemala

We thank you on behalf of Christa Guatemala Ballet Mertins for being one of the first "Star Dancer" internationally recognized for conducting the Ballet in Guatemala, Sonia claims Marcos, Director of Ballet Guatemala.

The event was chaired by Leandro Yax, Deputy Culture and Lucia Weapons, General Director of the Arts.


The Guatemala National Ballet was founded officially 16 July 1948 and had their first appearances in the defunct Capitol Theatre Guatemala City. Known as "Ballet Guatemala" and is one of the first ballet companies based in Latin America and currently the only one in Central.

The 24 March 1992, The Congress declares the Ballet Guatemala "National Cultural Heritage" with Law Decree No. 17-92 in recognition of the development of the country's culture.

Official Season Program

The season 2013 present day 10, 11, 24 and 25 The Silfide August, (one Scottish Farm, A Cloud Forest). The 17 and 18 August will present La Mal Gardee File, Minkus Gala, program dirigido by Eddy Vielman Buckard, choreographer and Ballet Master, Nancy Beatriz Urla Galindo, Barrios and Christa Noman Mertins, Artistic Advisor and Ballet Master.

Performances will take place at the Centro Cultural "Miguel Angel Asturias" in the Great Hall Efrain Recinos, Saturdays at 19 pm and Sunday at 17 hours. Admission is Q 50 Platea y Balcón I y II Q 30.


Culture, engine of development!

Season Gala 2013, National Ballet of Guatemala, at the National Theatre

temporada de gala

Saturday to 19:00 hours Sundays to 17:00 hours
Great Hall
Cultural Center "Miguel Angel Asturias"
The value of the tickets for the whole season will be
Q.30.00 Q.50.00 in stalls and in Balcony.

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