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Guatemala National Ballet Receives Award "Artist of the Year"

Coinciding with the 65 years of recognized career, National Ballet of Guatemala received the "Artist of the Year", which is promoted by the Organization Artist of the Year, presiding journalist Maria Eugenia Gordillo.

The activity was held on 22 October at the German Club and corresponds to the 33 delivery of such recognition, which was established to encourage and recognize the artistic talents Guatemalan.

History of Ballet Guatemala

In the legendary Capitol Theatre made its debut in 1948, the company "Ballet Guatemala", under the teaching of teachers remembered Jean Devaux and Marcelle Bonge Devaux. Months after arriving in the country teachers of classical dance and Marie Leonide Katchourowsky Tchernova, hired to continue his teaching Bonge madame and found the National School of Dance, Target reached in 1949.

The teacher Katchourowsky was director from its founding to 1954, time of great significance because it was institutionalized and professionalized the corps de ballet did own, recognized choreography and inspired the first ballets with music, themes and choreography Guatemalan authors as "Stamp Guatemalan" and "Ixquic".

In 1955 became director of the "Ballet Guatemala" Master Denis Carey. Of 1957 a 1961 teachers were directors William Keys, Fabiola Perdomo y Joop Van Allen. Of 1957 a 1961 the director was the renowned dancer, Guatemalan teacher and virtuoso choreographer, Antonio Crespo Morales, under whose direction the Ballet Guatemala lived "The Golden Era", presenting important repertoires and kicking the familiar "Official Seasons".

Successive directors have been Christa Mertins (Prima ballerina), Sonia Juarez, Brenda Arevalo (Prima ballerina also), Carlos Marroquin, Edy Vielman, Amali Selva, Sonia Marcos, Lissette Aguilar and Mark Sonia again, Current Director.

In 1988 Ballet Guatemala toma the number of "National Ballet of Guatemala" and in 1992 is declared the "Cultural Patrimony of the Nation".

Today, "National Ballet of Guatemala" has a more accolade to his career, one of the most prestigious and valuable prizes awarded for the national community tested individual artists or art institutions that put up the name of Guatemala merits, whereby the Ministry of Culture and Sports congratulates members dancers, management and staff of the National Ballet of Guatemala.

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