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Jun B'atz ', Jun Chowen. It is the symbol of man and mankind, of human fulfillment.

B'atz ': (thread). Symbol of continuity with the past, as included within the ritual. "One day, the perpetration of the ceremonies and customs of our ancestors.

B'atz ': It is the day of the marriage that is performed when the bride is asked, and forty days after marriage, in a day B'atz’ with a higher number. In 8 B'atz’ is packaged Mayan priest's apprentice, and forty days after performing the appreciation.

B'atz ': Symbolizing time. Our ancestors, Mayan time imagining represented as a coiled wire to a reed beneath the earth. This thread is unwound as time passes. The story is woven over time, and the thread weaves dresses. New Maya Cycle, Wajxaqib’ B'atz ', the ceremony was enlivened with marimba and dance around the fire. El B’atz’ Pull and unleashes. If he says B'atz’ because tour. And it is the human talent.

It means:

    • Link matrimonial
    • Mono, thread, Mooring
    • Time. development of human evolution, giving life
    • Nawal time meter and all kinds of fabrics
    • It is a good day for the assignment as a priest Maya
    • Speaker, sculptor, carver and artist, music, flute, Sport and planting.

Meaning Key: The representation and artistic talent


  • To calm trouble
  • To unleash sick
  • For delivery of crosses for the sick
  • Mayan Priests Hosting
  • To order clothes to cover the body
  • To join opposition marriages where the parents or relatives
  • To put things in order
  • To order spiritual strength
  • To order good singing voice and speaking in the ceremonial act, sculptors protection protection for teachers Mayan Ceremony
  • To tie an enemy
  • To tie a Asesino
  • To push the enemy
  • To cut the enmity between two enemies
  • To reaffirm a contract
  • To remove the jealousies
  • To remove laziness, leisure and laziness
  • Protection for dancing and dance music, do, chirimía y marimba.

It is: In the palm of the left hand.



  • Intelligent, crafty
  • Friendly
  • Reserved
  • Often imitate what they see
  • They have good signs
  • Wealthy (Rich)
  • Master of all arts
  • Unsafe
  • Loafer
  • Angry, aggressive
  • Envious, slanderer
  • Mala imagination, unbelieving
  • Ambitious anything
  • Weak-willed.


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