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Anthropomorphic figurine head

Report theft. OID # 143


Registration No. “A”

Date of Theft: 30 March 2009

Location of Theft: Museo Comunitario Kumatzin Jay, located in the Municipality of Tecpán, Chimaltenango department.

Object Type: Anthropomorphic Head

Matterthe: Ceramics

Technique: Modeling

Dimensions: Stop: 7 cm. Width: 5 cm.

Title: Anthropomorphic figurine head

Topic: Archaeological

Periodsthe: Postclassic (900 d. C. – 1524 d. C.).

Author: Cultura Maya

Description: Head figurine. Represents a human face with a kind of headdress band, slanted eyes, nariz ancha y triangular, lips with mouth open and has holes on the sides simulating ears.


Registration No. “A”

Report: Register of Cultural Property / OID # 143










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