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Campo Marte

Campo de Marte

The Champ de Mars is located in 32a. end street, 15a. avenidazona 5 (Phone 2334-1783), It is open to the public from 5:00 until 22:00 hours; income and use of tennis, is free.

The Mars Field has:

  • Nine tennis papi Football 11 concrete
  • Two football fields 11 (one program and one ground)
  • Two juveniles clay courts (for 8 people)
  • A sports courts
  • Three basketball courts
  • Two volleyball (a soil cement and)
  • A baseball field
  • A softball field
  • Administrative officers
  • Dressing
  • Health Services
  • Three parking areas
  • Two play areas for children (games metal and wood)
  • Five kiosks for celebrations
  • Physical area
  • Medical Clinic
  • Garita income
  • Lighting

To apply for the facility must be submitted to the administrative offices, fill request the use of the courts to 8 days in advance and return 2 days after delivery of the request to collect ballot authorizing the use of the same.

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Located on the 32nd. Calle final 15a. Ave. Area 5 Phone: 2334-1783

1. Al sector corresponding:
The State shall encourage, promote and disseminate non-federated sport and physical recreation as part of the education of the individual and society both for their physical, mental, for emotional interaction with their social and natural environment.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports, has control over the development of NO SPORT AND RECREATION LAND, and to execute its actions under the National Sports Law Decree 76 76-97 Title III Sports in Federal.
Campo marte

The objectives of the State's NO LAND SPORT AND RECREATION, following:

  1. Encourage systematic practice of physical activities so as to assimilate as part of the culture of physical activity every citizen.
  2. Promote through the practice of physical activity levels increased health, leisure and personal ability as indispensable in improving the quality of life of the population.
  3. Promoting physical activity overcrowding in the country.
  4. Plan, organize and execute specific projects and programs aimed at promoting, development and democratization NO LAND SPORT AND PHYSICAL RECREATION.
  5. Encourage participation and access conditions of social communities practice SPORT NO LAND AND PHYSICAL RECREATION.
  6. Cooperate and support in all projects or public or private programs, aimed at promoting physical activity not federated.
  7. Promote the rules and systematization of participation in activities not federated sport and physical recreation.
  8. Installation providing facilities, implementation and technical service for the promotion of the practice of physical activity of large population sectors.
  9. Integrate and effectively participate in the National System of Physical Culture.
  10. Encouraging and supporting institutional relationship with school sport and sport federated.




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