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Training developers and cultural agents of the Ministry of Culture and Sports

capacitacion promotores culturales_4779
capacitacion promotores culturales_4779

The Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Department of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures is conducting training for developers, cultural managers and citizen participation team that Ministry.

The training aims to strengthen the actions of the Ministry achieving this have an impact and intervention in each of the communities, municipalities and departments where they work. The role of promoters and managers is vital to propose solutions to the problems that may arise on cultural issues in their communities.

"This training process is framed in Cultural and National Sports Policy, is the fourth workshop that takes place during the year and this time it seeks to strengthen creative aspects that are vital to the work that developers and managers primarily with children and youth; whereas the vulnerable sector is currently, this process also seeks to raise the historical and contextual level of the country, "said Diego Simon of the Department of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures.

Some topics to be discussed during the training are: creating elaborate puppet, notions for performing assemblies of plays about cultural issues in order to provide methodological tools to strengthen and foster the creative development to improve the performance of promoters and managers to the various groups they support. Also addressed topics such as history of Guatemala, diversity, racism, discrimination, social conflict.

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