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They train PNC in protecting our cultural heritage

National security agents took part in a training provided by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Department of Prevention and Control of Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property. This training included topics such as: the definition of culture and cultural heritage, classification, legal protection rules, preservation and defense.

Also, Crimes reported suffering heritage, and a practical part about handling the crime scene, worked in collaboration with Technical Specialist Crime Scene prosecutors. The activity was held the last week of July and will be implemented in upcoming promotions PNC.

The activity was supported by the Department of Cultural Property Registry of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and was taught by professional and technical staff of the Ministry. Applicants who will be part of the sixth police officers Promotion Division Nature Protection attended (DIPRONA) National Civil Police

According to the head of the Department of Control and Prevention of Illicit Traffic of Cultural Eduardo Hernández, the theme of cultural heritage, was included in the curriculum for police officers DIPRONA to the need for police officers to have the basic knowledge on the subject, and thus to have new allies in the protection and defense of Guatemalan cultural heritage.

capacitación DIPRONA 03262

In total there were 96 applicants trained agents for PNC. Hernandez added that this activity is an important achievement for the Department of Prevention and Control of Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, as progress is made in the training of operatives to safeguard the cultural heritage of the country, and thereby avoid any criminal action against it.

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