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Enables public servants

Civil servants of the Ministry of Culture and Sports were trained for two weeks by the Organization and Substantive nahual Inclusion and Coexistence, Directorate General of Sport and Recreation.

Training whose name is MiCoMo, refers to the use of the methodology for solving conflict Community or social problems; comprises 54 effective hours stipulated in a 30 percent lecture and 70 percent of practical work and field;.

This consists of 3 learning modules in the area of ​​Social Work, the first one is the analysis and diagnosis of the problem, where social or political reality arises; the second module is called Project Management and its purpose is to find projects that can solve the problem as; y el último módulo recibe el nombre de Redes Sociales y es donde se van a vincular los grupos de interés del proyecto para resolver la realidad planteada.

El proyecto de capacitación busca transformar a los jóvenes en multiplicadores para la creación de proyectos que resuelvan sus propios problemas comunitarios, por ello la última fase de la capacitación será plantearlos ante las autoridades competentes.

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