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Activity Report

Report of Activities implemented by the Programs Nouns

The “Ministry of Culture and Sports” through its “Department of Sport and Recreation” submits reports of planned activities within the “Technical Management Areas Susta ...
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Substantive Senior Programs promotes sport as a means for the improvement and maintenance of health and to achieve a cumulative age with better quality of life. It is aimed at people toda ...
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Labor Sector

Noun Program Adult Labor, promotes the practice of physical activity, recreational and cultural for the integral development of each individual, better quality of life and individual development and collective, employee ...

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Inclusion and Coexistence

The Noun Inclusion and Coexistence, treats children, young people and vulnerable adults and in conflict with the Law, promoting and instilling in them the sport and recreation practice as a means for integrating s ...
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The Noun Program for Women, It is contributing to the development and access to physical activity for poor women nationwide, as a means for the overall development, a better quality of life, being in ...
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Substantive Awards Program promotes the culture of peace in the entire population, through the participation of society and crime prevention in the community through sports activities, recreational, the s ...

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Childhood Program

The Noun Childhood Program, serves national, boys and girls 0 a 11 years old, which promotes the practice of Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation as a means of motor development and education of Motion ...
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Maya Ballgame

The substantive agenda Indigenous and Traditional Games, promotes cultural values, spiritual and moral. Protect, supports, respects and promotes, practice the Ball Game Maya as a sport of physical activity and s ...
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Special Events

& Nbsp; Substantive Program Special Events sensitizes the population by promoting the benefits of physical activity and social integration, seeking to improve their quality of life, so it comes to t ...