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Celebrate New Year Maya Cholq'ij


The Mayan New Year celebration was coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and Sports in coordination with FODIGUA, HALF, CODISRA the Aga.

Yesterday -29 August- Mayan ceremony was held at the archaeological site Iximché, Tecpán, to conmemorar el Waqxaqi 'B'atz', that in the Mayan calendar is the beginning of a new year, which comprises 13 months 20 days each, totaling 260 days.

The time count reflects our body, have 13 joints and 20 fingers, multiplication 13 by 20 in the 260 days, es el Waqxaqi’ B’atz’, Juan dijo Chiriz, spiritual guidance.

The activity was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in coordination with the Indigenous Development Fund FODIGUA, Indigenous Women's Ombudsman DEMI, National Compensation Program, Presidential Commission against Discrimination and Racism against Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala CODISRA and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food MAGA.


Knowledge is the one who will rule the world of economics, Carlos said Batzin, Minister.

Our existence is valued not only in terms of the wider world, but within scientific communities and the various global economic scenarios, where are viewing culture as a number of good things that can help improve the world. Knowledge is the one who will rule the world of economics, said Carlos Batzin, Minister.

In this commemoration, hundreds of people made offerings for this new year brings wealth and prosperity, from Mayan cosmology. For the MCD, is important to maintain ancestral traditions, thus promotes such actions.

Culture, engine of development!

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