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Today 20 June, we launched the project to the Management Plan of the Civic Center, which aims to promote the Civic Center to be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

The Civic Center is considered the "Heart of the City" and make the buildings of the Bank of Guatemala-BANGUAT-, National mortgage-CHN-, Guatemalan Institute of Social Security, IGSS- and the municipality of Guatemala; addition to parking lots each of these buildings, which initially were created to be pedestrian plazas and parks.

This set of buildings has a high artistic value, historical and cultural, which combines architecture and the arts. In buildings IGSS, CHN y el BANGUAT, you can see the sculptural and pictorial murals, Goyri developed by Roberto Gonzalez and Carlos Mérida, featured national artists. The passing of time and urban changes have contributed to the deterioration of the ensemble that in the decade of the 50, represents the height of the Guatemalan architecture.

The management plan is contemplated, is to create a "manual" of use for each of the buildings of the Civic Center, work for which a technical committee formed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, University of San Carlos of Guatemala, Universidad Rafael Landívar, the municipality of Guatemala, Do.co.mo.mo. and Goyri Gonzalez Foundation for Culture. Raul Monterroso, Rector representative and Docomomo USAC in Guatemala, highlighted the values ​​and opportunities that owns the Civic Center in order to be registered as Modern Cultural Heritage of the Nation.


Now, Guatemala has three World Heritage properties: Antigua Guatemala and Quirigua Archaeological Park, registered as Cultural Property in 1,979 and 1,981 respectively. In 1,979 also appointed as Joint cultural asset to Tikal National Park, by which it is contemplated that the Civic Center will come to add to the list of World Heritage property.

Culture, engine of development!



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