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Sports Centre Gerona


Sports Center facilities, It's completely free, are located in the 15 Avenue and 13 Street (13-52), area 01, in the neighborhood Gerona, capital city.

The sports center has:

  • 2 roofed sports courts.
  • 1 Outdoor sports court.
  • 2 Daddy synthetic football pitches
  • 5 Areas of gardens,
  • Daddy synthetic Area Football
  • 9 Kiosks for rest
  • 4 Concrete barbecues for family activities
  • Accommodate Tribune 800 People.

To apply for the facility must be submitted to the administrative offices, fill request the use of the courts to 8 days in advance and return 2 days after delivery of the request to collect ballot authorizing the use of the same.

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The Sports Centre Gerona, was created for the use and entertainment of employees GUATEMALA RAILWAYS (FEGUA) Construction began in January 1,986. And he opened the 14 September 1989 under the Administration of Lord Auditor Antonio Leal Fernando Estévez.

The Sports Centre has Gerona 2 Roofed multisport courts.
1 Multisport Outdoor Tennis.
2 Papi Synthetic Soccer Tennis
5 Areas of gardens, Areas papier-green football,
9 Kiosks for rest 4 Concrete Grills for family activities

Toilets, Dressing, and Medical Clinic.
It has a grandstand capacity 800 People.

Sports Center facilities (Gerona), are located in the 15 Avenue
and 13 Street (13-52). Area 01, Neighborhood Gerona. From the capital city
The reason for the construction of the Sports Complex Gerona was because of the need for workers in Guatemala Railways (FEGUA) have a place for healthy) recreation distraction and rest periods. The construction date was in the year 1,986 and the date of his inauguration was the 14 September 1,989 under the Administration of Lord Auditor Antonio Leal Fernando Estévez. Many years areas remained completely closed and abandoned, then in April of the year 1997 was awarded the space MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND SPORTS to administer it and since then the center has undergone significant changes. La Liga Deportiva Gerona, He grew up to par was very popular league makes 30 years old, these fields disappeared by the building of the Attorney General, disappearing and a public place for the distraction of all youth in the neighborhood Gerona.

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