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Central launches cultural initiative to strengthen the integration

06/06/2013 – SANTO DOMINGO, Rep.Dominicana. (EFE).- The regular meeting of the Council of Ministers of Education and Culture of Central America and the Dominican Republic today launched the program “cultural policy of the Central American Integration” with the aim of strengthening cooperation and inclusion efforts between and within each of their territories.

The initiative was driven home today as part of the regional meeting held by the American Educational and Cultural Coordination System for Central American Integration (CECC-Sica).

It is intended to launch, compact the American identity, promote cultural knowledge, work for a culture of peace and achieve the achievement of a vision shared Central.

Also, ensure social and institutional management of the common cultural heritage expressions Central, for appropriation and safeguarding, promote the development of media and communication capabilities, and promote the full exercise of active citizenship, through the realization of cultural rights.

“It is imperative for the Central American countries to identify cultural components that bind us (…) believe in cultural development as a means of achieving social inclusion”, said Minister of Culture Dominican, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, at the beginning of the activity.

Considered that the actions in favor of cultural integrity represent “magnificent instruments” public policies that result in more work, more freedom and peace for the region.

While, Ambassador of Spain in Santo Domingo, Jaime Lacadena, assessed the regional event and continuous monitoring has provided the country with efforts to integrate Central America and the Dominican Republic.

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