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Cyclists take a walk through the City Capital

More than five thousand people gathered in the Champ de Mars area 5, for a ride by bike around several streets and avenues of the capital city, as part of the celebration at the "World No Auto", which was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation; under the organization of Biciudad.

While cyclists left the park at 8:15 hours, for a tour of 15 kilometers that would take them around the area 4, 5, 9, 10 and 14; another group enjoyed Wellness Fair where they were taught Zumba, Wheelchair dance, display bicicrós, Bicycle raffles; and purchase various items such as bicycles, sporting goods and nutritious food.

One of the main reasons of this activity is to bring the family to know the public spaces and have a moment of healthy recreation.

Biciudad, that promotes the recovery of public spaces to try to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases and a cleaner contact with the natural biodiversity available to Guatemala.

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