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Closure of Diploma in Human Rights, Public Policies and Cultural Development

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Today 7 October in the capital of San Marcos, the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Presidential Commission on Human Rights -COPREDEH- They closed the Diploma in "Human Rights, Public Policies and Cultural Development ".

The subjects taught in the diploma were: Cultural Policies and National Sports, Human Rights, National Cultural Development Plan Long Term. As a result of this diploma participants performed the Municipal Cultural Development Plan for your community, which was handed over to authorities.

"This is a great instrument that will operationalize and implement the actions are contemplated in the Plan to strengthen and revive the cultural values ​​of this community," noted Juan Jose Notz of the Directorate General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures.

This project aimed to provide knowledge of Human Rights Plan and provide technical tools for cultural development by defining the tasks and responsibilities of various local cultural actors in this region.

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