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National Symphony Orchestra concert presented Lent

The Guatemala National Symphony Orchestra, National Cultural Heritage, composed of more than eighty musicians, under the direction of maestro Ardany Marvin Lopez was presented with its traditional and expected "Solemn Concert of Lent", Thursday 26 March at 19:00 hours in Great Room "Efraín Recinos" Cultural Center Miguel Ángel Asturias and Friday 27 the site chosen is the National Conservatory of Music "German Alcántara" also the 19:00 hours.

There will be two presentations that can appreciate the masterful execution of the teachers of the National Symphony Orchestra, playing marches and selected pieces by such masters as Frederick Chopin, Miguel and Santiago Zaltron BARZAGHI Coronado, well known as Jesus of Consuelo marches and A Tear, authored by Fray Miguel Murcia and Manuel Moraga respectively, also sinned Lord, Martyrdom and Mater Dolorosa among other.

The guest soloist for the occasion will be the featured soprano Guatemalan Lisbeth Tiu, who will share their talent in the areas of Franz Schubert and Bach; as drivers of the event will Pellecer national presenters and Luis Carlos De Triana. It is especially important to recognize and thank the teachers and Ramiro Cesar Sazo Vivar for transcribing the orchestral adaptations of items, which may be interpreted by any symphony orchestra in the world. This will be an opportunity for those who live this Lenten period with intensity and for those who want to discover that through music can find an oasis of spiritual retreat for the upcoming Easter.

Tickets are available at the National Conservatory of Music "German Alcántara", 3ª. Avenue 4-61 Area 1, Monday through Friday 10:00 a 16:30 times and places of the presentation at the box office the day of the concert. For presentation at the National Theatre prices are: Platea Q. 70.00 Balconies and Q. 50.00. For the Conservatory tickets are priced at Q. 50.00.



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