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Synchronized Marimba Concert Nationwide

In every corner of Guatemala will be heard vibrating in unison on Thursday marimba 20 February. On this date commemorative, above 50 marimbas across the country will join the National Marimba Festival to commemorate the national instrument, Symbol also declared Fatherland. The celebrations will begin from the 12 hours, with a formal ceremony and the main stage is the Plaza de la Constitucion, front of the National Palace of Culture.

Through the Ministry of Culture and Sports sets are independent marimba was summoned to join the celebration and interpreted together at the same time, two recognized pieces. These melodies are my beautiful Guatemala and The Grudge. On the main stage will be the Women's Marimba Concerto, the Guatemalan Instituto de Turismo INGUAT, Golden Keys, Mariscal Zavala, Army Corps of Engineers, Kaibil Balam, Feeling Antigüeño, Heart of Ant, Municipal School Jocotenango, Municipality of Villa Nueva and dance group Friends of the Marimba.

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Demetrio Cojtí, Director General of Cultural Development and Strengthening Cultures MCD and Lucia Weapons, Director of Promotion of the Arts, unveiled by Clariza Castellanos, Deputy Minister of Culture, Wayeb celebrations and Marimba Day.

Concurrent presentations will be at 13 and 16 o'clock, so will the opportunity for new groups to integrate Festival. Joint Schools and Community Schools also join Art, so the number of officers will marimbas 50.

Celebrate the Day of Marimba is gratefully acknowledge the effort our teachers put into their work every day. It is also a tribute to the instrument evolved, both in its execution and design. Remember that it was in Guatemala where chromatic marimba is today known as worldwide originated, said Carlos Batzin, Minister for Culture and Sports.

Some links with social media to spread the Live Festival is expected to reach the Guatemalan population.

The Culture, engine of development!

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