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Completes Restoration of "The Lady of the Kings"

"La Señora de los Reyes".

“The Lady of the Kings”.

After a thorough process of eight months of work done at the Center for Restoration of Furniture (CEREBIEM) by the Institute of Anthropology and History IDAEH, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, on Saturday 23 November this year will be the official presentation of the image of the Immaculate Conception, also known as the "Lady of the Kings".

The picture from Spain, arrived in the country after a petition to King Philip II made by the Franciscan Friars of Old Town. Data from the late sixteenth century and since then has been an icon of popular tradition and devotion.

According to the manager of the restoration process, Luis Manuel Muñoz, furniture restorer goods, the operation that is performed on the image was mainly internal structure thereof, strengthening the assemblies and parts that were weakened. In the visible part of the sculpture a crack running through the neck, It was perhaps one of the most complicated parts to restore, said the expert.

The team was formed by four people, director of process, two restaurateurs and master sculptor who collaborated with the wooden structure image, Muñoz said.

Luisa María Lemus, restorative and one of the members of the team, He explained that for color or color image restoration, used the traditional technique, by first making a mixture of colors with oil paint to achieve the original pitch. After applying the paint with a brush, rubbed with a "bladder ram" to remove marks the path, process is done more than once to achieve a desired result.

The outfit that will carry the image for this special occasion was made in the workshops of the Headquarters during the decade of the 50, said William Estrada, General manager of the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception.

"The Lady of the Kings" return to the temple of San Francisco, a "Memorable and Historic Return" at the end of the act of official presentation of the image to the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception. The event starts from the 16:30 hours IDAEH (12 avenue 11-11 area 1, City).

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