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Remembrance Day National Anthem encourages respect for our National Symbols

The 24 October 1897 the then president José María Reina Barrios Guatemala, declared written by José Joaquín Palma lyrics and music composed by Rafael Álvarez Ovalle as the "National Anthem of Guatemala", after making a contest to choose the melody and lyrics that represent our country.

It was in the year of 1984 where each was made official 24 October as the Day of National Anthem of Guatemala, day the birth of Rafael Álvarez Ovalle national composer is commemorated.

In the "Patio of Peace" at the National Palace of Culture a civic ceremony was held to celebrate this date, who chaired the Minister of Culture and Sports Dwight Pezzarossi accompanied by Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation Francisco Ardon and was directed towards people that integrate and collaborate on MCD.

According to Pezzarossi, intend to perform a civic act with colleagues working, is to strengthen the Guatemalan culture promoting civility and respect for the symbols that identify Guatemala before the rest of the world, starting from the people who work daily to benefit the culture of our country.

The "Chronicler of Guatemala City" Miguel Alvarez in his words shared history and anecdotes of the National Anthem of Guatemala, from how the idea of ​​creating a song to represent Guatemala and the changes he had in his letter, to become the version we all know.

Attendees heard the first recording of the National Anthem which had not yet made changes to the letter and the official version of the anthem that was recorded at the initiative of President Juan José Arévalo with the order that was distributed to all schools in the country.

Marimba Concert The National Palace of Culture, He was in charge of closing ceremony, performing a series of musical works by composers national.

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