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Commemorated 71 Anniversary of the National Palace

Day 10 November at the Patio of Peace National Palace, held a memorial service for 71 years of the inauguration of the National Palace of Guatemala, declared National Palace of Culture in the year 1,996.

Attendees mostly employees of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, heard a brief account of the history of the National Palace in the voice of “Chronicler of the City” Miguel Alvarez. Historian by way of narrative told from the emergence of the idea of ​​building a building that represented the state in Guatemala, changes that took both location and shape up to the current building we know today.

Also at the ceremony was attended Conservative Mohamed National Palace Estrada, who announced that the restoration process is done to the property, including the central facade at the entrance of the Palace, the towers, sanitary and other details.

Estrada stressed the importance of involving the whole society in the conservation of cultural heritage, well as documentation of each intervention and restoration process that takes place.

Dwight Pezzarossi Culture and Sports Minister addressed the attendees, inviting them to participate in the care and preservation of the National Palace as it is part of our cultural heritage as a country, also indicated that not all people are privileged to work every day in a place such as the Palace. Pezzarossi Administrator congratulated Rosa María Palacio Conservative War and for the good work they have done during his tenure.

At the end of the event's Marimba Concerto National Palace, He delighted the audience playing tunes national composers, after participants shared a moment of conviviality in which a cake is left to celebrate another year of this great building.

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