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Commemorate Women's Day from the Calendar Cholq'ij

Día de la mujer desde el Calendario Cholq’ij _0807
Día de la mujer desde el Calendario Cholq’ij _0807

The Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures commemorated 12 March in Kaminaljuyu Day women from Cholq'ij or Lunar Calendar Calendar.

The day of this activity was attended by officials of the Ministry, women community leaders and Mayan spiritual guides. The Deputy Minister of Culture, Clariza Castellanos participated with the Head of Department of Equity and Inclusion, Laynez Lidia Perez and representatives of the diplomatic corps in Guatemala.

The B'elebej 'Batz' is the day of women in Cholq'ij or Lunar Calendar, in which the woman is commemorated as being complementary to the formation of life and essential stronghold for the preservation of values, principles and Maya worldview.

This celebration began with a Maya ceremony in which a woman was recognized for his many efforts in family life, labor and national. This ceremony was attended by Ana Choc, time accountant, Cristina Pacheco, midwife Totonicapán, Thelma Siney, San Juan Sacatepequez midwife where they shared their wisdom and experience to attendees of this activity.

In this intervention harmonization of nature sounds imitated instruments made of clay and wood were performed, drums, chinchines and snails, inter alia. He led the group Xahil who also performed the plays "The Comalapences weavers", "The San Juanerita" and "The Scream", amongst other.

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