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Commemorate National Flag Day

Youth from across the republic were present on Friday 17 August in the Square of the Constitution, in order to commemorate the National Day of the Flag, in a ceremony presided over by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Carlos Batzin which honored the national symbol.

Conmemoran día nacional de la bandera

Commemorate National Day Flag

In the Plaza Mayor presentations were observed spenders squads several educational, Polytechnic School, Majorettes National Team and the National Assembly Latin-style bands.

"The colors of the flag carried great significance for the Guatemalan culture and our identity. See how youth values ​​our national symbol allows us to see a hope to build a future of coexistence, peace and harmony ", said the minister of Culture.

The event organized by the Latin American Society Marching Band, with the approval of the Committee for National Independence Celebrations, is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Municipality of Guatemala and the Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala-CDAG-.

The flag of Guatemala was created by executive decree 17 August 1871, being President General Miguel Garcia Granados. The color white represents purity, integrity, Faith, obedience, firmness, monitoring, peace and nation. The color blue symbolizes justice, loyalty, the sweetness, the strength, Guatemalan heaven and cited the two seas that wash the shores of the east and west of the country.

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