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Historical Review

Following the earthquake in 1976 that affected our country Guatemala, brought its consequences and was created to support the cultural crisis of the different eras that tell our culture, Rescue named Cultural Heritage (URPAC), arose from the need that existed, to rescue the affected. Their offices were located in the area 13 capital.

The 26 May 1978, by agreement gobernativo 14-78, moves to the area 12 11-11 area 1, former Santo Domingo convent and joined the Institute of Anthropology and History (IDAEH).

On October 1984, there is a transition between cultural property and cultural property as it has a budget. For this reason it is divided into: program of conservation and restoration of cultural (PROCORBIC) and the Center for Conservation and Restoration of Furniture (CEREBIEM).

At the end of the year 2007, by powers within the Directorate General of Cultural and Natural Heritage Program Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property becomes the current Department (DECORBIC).


  • Our commitment is to promote, foster, evaluate and make communities aware, to preserve national monuments, in order to avoid degradation, deterioration and wear over the years steps.
  • Provide advice, Property consultancy, located in centers and historic areas, including areas that serve as environment and landscape.
  • Report, disseminate preventive measures for the preservation of cultural and natural heritage.


  • Being a department with efficient coverage projection, to designated projects, that are designed to meet the needs of society, through conservation and restoration of cultural manifestations, comprising the Patrimony of the Nation, with successful results.


Our idea is to support the recovery of our monuments in the country and raise awareness to communities, through authorities, to prevent the disappearance of our heritage over the years.
Our basic purpose is the conservation and restoration of cultural.


  • Promote research, planning and implementation of conservation and restoration projects, throughout the Republic of Guatemala.
  • Promote the appreciation and awareness of the communities, to protect, keep the sets and historic avoiding her disappearance.
  • Analyze and rule on restoration, of real estate assets.
  • Advise on catering to institutions, municipalities, individuals wishing to implement projects of cultural property protected.
  • Supervise the monuments, definition based on conservation and restoration parameters in country departments.
  • Prepare and submit drafts for obtaining financing with the Secretary General of Planning SEGEPLAN, for restoration projects of real estate.
  • Revise, analyze records integration projects and office construction RENACENTRO, together with representatives of the municipality, level sets and historical centers of the capital of Guatemala.
  • Historical and archaeological research before and during the restoration works that are part of the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property.
  • Complain to the prosecution of crimes against the patrimony of the nation's Attorney General, when the need arises.


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