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National Regional Conservatory and Music

Regional Conservatory of Music Mixco
-Address: 2a. street 8-47 area 1 of Resume.
-Carrera offers: Bachelor of Arts with specialization, Program Courses Free Weekend Plan
-Director: Stuart Nery Marroquin Escobar
-Phone: 4222-6102 / 2434-4868
-E-mail: neem4222@hotmail.com / consermix09@gmail.com

Regional Art Center "Basilio Eliseo de Leon Rosales"
-Address: Barrio San Bartólo Molino Belén Solola.
-Carrera offers: Free courses in the following specialties: Arts, Music, Drama and Marimba
-Director: Philip Elmer licensed Wheels
-Phone: 5019-5165 / 56964945
-E-mail: elmer.felipe.rodas@gmail.com / damiancumes1887@gmail.com

Conservatory of Music of the West "Jesus Castillo"
-Address: Diagonal 5, 9-19 area 1 Quetzaltenango.
-Carrera offers: Bachelor of Music majoring in an instrument, Program Courses Free Weekend Plan
-Director: Maestro Marvin Arturo Escobar
-Phone: 5594-3211 / 7761-4029
-E-mail: mariachi.quetgo@gmail.com / daniloray1@hotmail.com

Conservatorio de Santa Catarina Pinula
-Address: 1out. Calle Final 5-50 In. 1 Santa Catarina Pinula
-Carrera offers: Bachelor of Music majoring in an instrument, Program Courses Free Weekend Plan
-Director: Maestro Stuart Lopez Chian
-Phone: 5704-8116
-E-mail: Profestuardo@hotmail.com / conservatoriomusicascp@gmail.com

Regional Conservatory of Music "Gumercindo Palacios Flores"
-Address: 2the. By 7-78 Area 1
-Carrera offers: Bachelor of Music majoring in an instrument, Program Courses Free Weekend Plan
-Director: Maestro Gustavo Lopez
-Phone: 51063483
-E-mail: oflodaovatsug@hotmail.com

Regional Conservatory of Music "Orozco Fidel Alejandro Godinez"
-Address: 4 Street, 29 access June 5 04-41 Area 2 San Pedro Sacatepéquez,
-Carrera offers: Bachelor of Music majoring in an instrument, Program Courses Free Weekend Plan
-Director: Maestra Paula Martina Gonzalez Ixcolín
-Phone: 3002-7358
-E-mail: paulaixcolin@hotmail.com

Regional Conservatory of Music "Eulalio Samayoa"
-Address: Aristides Crespo Villegas Cultural Center Escuintla
-Carrera offers: Bachelor of Music majoring in an instrument, Program Courses Free Weekend Plan V
-Director: Evelyn Vasquez Engineer
-Phone: 5966-4823
-E-mail: conservatorioregionalescuintla@hotmail.com / evemarisolvn@hotmail.com

Regional Conservatory of Music "Noh Petén"
-Address: Castillo de Arismendi Flores Peten,
-Carrera offers: Bachelor of Music majoring in an instrument, Program Courses Free Weekend Plan
-Director: Krista Lemus Lopez
-Phone: 5699-8631
-E-mail: lililemus31@hotmail.com

National Music Conservatory Germán Alcántara
THE ARTS EDUCATION IN MUSIC It is remarkable that music acquires development in our country and the institutional support that is being provided to future music artists, Thanks to the Technical Department of Art Education of the Department of Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The music studio, forces our brain to a cognitive challenge, where the student is subjected to the study of another language that involves the learning of other particular structures such as: musical language, knowledge of the instrument and its integration with other instruments.
The importance of academic music requires knowledge of various tools and interaction of these, that is different from knowing the only instrument which the student will improve and own. For this we have designed a curriculum that meets all requirements to enable us to form it fully to the student and in the end the assessment will allow us to check. Within the classrooms provides comprehensive training artist, supporting them with related sciences and history, mathematics, physics, philosophy and others so require. It's satisfying to support youth in art projects, communities more when they demand the service and it is they who propose steps and artistic languages ​​to meet. The Music Conservatory is for ambitious change agents. For those who are part of a generation that will mark the history of the National Conservatory of Music.
HISTORY In 1873 National Conservatory of Music was founded in the monastery of Santo Domingo, being its founder and first director of the master John Haberle Sforza (Italian), and were available 52 boarders and 20 External. In 1877 Conservatory temporarily closes due to budget. In 1883 the conservatory opens with the name of National School Of Music And Declamation as a State institution attached to the Ministry or Office of Public Instruction and 1890 In The Month Of December Moving Into House No. 1 La 11 Calle Poniente.
In 1891 New Transfer It To Produce In The 3rd. By. Between 4 of 5 ª ª Y. Street Facing Callejon Wonderland. In 1894 Set It And What The Government Approves A General Regulation Research. In 1896 It Reshape and Study Plans are included Music History. In 1904 The Building That Moves occupied Al Cuartel No. 1 Located On The 7th Av. Between 13 And 14 Street. In 1911 Moving Into 12 By. Facing The Church of Santo Domingo And Then To The 13 By. And Callejon Varieties and In 1917-1918 Es Sawed Temporally.
In 1922 The Government Of The Republic Agrees Reorganization And Is Transferred To The 3rd. By. The 5 ª. Street. In 1924 They actualize The Study Plans. In 1955 The Building Is Finished And Is Inaugurated 18 September and 1976 The Symphony Orchestra Children's Case And The Library is Organized.
Subsequently, the dependence becomes Conservatory National Institute of Fine Arts, institution under the Ministry of Education and 1968 according Presidential Agreement number 55 Date 1 March creates the General Regulation which was adopted governing syllabus of studies to date.
Created with Government Agreement, Not. 55-68; currently has its facilities in the 3 By. 4-61 area 1, in Guatemala City. It has the following specialized Bachillaratos: Wind, Strings and Percussion. Also performed several concerts by the Symphony Orchestra and Chorus; which are made up of students from the same school.

National Conservatory of Music "German Alcántara"
-Address: 3a. by. 4-61 area 1
-Carrera offers: Bachelor of Arts with specialization are an instrument (Daily Plan) Promagra Courses Free Weekend Plan, Diploma in Orchestral Conducting
-Director: Maestro Roberto Unleashed
-Phone: 2232-8726
-E-mail: secretaria@conservatorionacional.gob.gt / administracion@conservatorionacional.gob.gt

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