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Convention strengthens heritage actions against crimes

The signing of an interagency agreement strengthens actions for the benefit of the Guatemalan cultural heritage protection and action against illegal activities that threaten cultural property. The cooperation agreement was signed between the Ministry of Culture and Sports as the governing body of cultural property and the Public Ministry, highest organ of state oversight Guatemala.

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The document was signed by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Carlos Batzin and Attorney General, Claudia Paz y Paz on Friday 24 May at the Banquet Hall of the National Palace of Culture and is effective immediately upon the signing of the same. Joining them were representatives of both institutions to ensure correct compliance with each of the points.

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The agreement states that it shall disclose the existence of the prosecution of Crimes Section of Cultural Heritage all sectors who have knowledge about possible irregularities in the smuggling. It is further requested the collaboration of experts in culture to detect abnormal movements and carry out surveys at appropriate. It also states conducting trainings in both directions, to have a successful coordination.

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Entities will be integrated as the National Civil Police, Civil Aeronautics personeros, Airport Security, Customs Directorate, Tax Authority and the National Council of Protected Areas, inter. The Ministry of Culture and Sports issued a document that indicate which cultural goods are at risk of being prosecuted illegally. This agreement will strengthen this and other actions along with institutions responsible for the correct handling of cultural heritage.

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