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Date of Theft: March 2013

Place of Theft: San Francisco Church of Guatemala City.

Object Type: Sculpture

Matterthe: Wood

Dimensions: 30*23 cms. about

Title: Crucifix

Topic: Religious

Periodsthe: XVIII Century

Author: Anonymous


Carved wood sculpture representing Christ in agony, It has pale flesh. The angle of the arms is markedly inclined upward. His head lifted his gaze directed upward and open mouth. The arms are assembled to shoulder height. The cloth is held with a carved wooden loop at the same. He has lost the original fingers on both hands.


This nailed to a cross-like tree trunk. The card with the inscription INRI has the letter "N" inverted.

Registry of Cultural Property. / General Directorate of Cultural and Natural Heritage. Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Report: Register of Cultural Property #183


02 Crucifijo Iglesia de San Francisco Zona 1 01 Crucifijo Iglesia de San Francisco Zona 1 Crucifijo Iglesia de San Francisco Zona 1




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