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Garifuna culture celebrates arrival date to Guatemala

In November 1801, a group of Garifuna settled his people on the coasts of Izabal. Each 26 November's National Day is celebrated Garifuna people, with a series of activities promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Department of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures activities.

The headquarters of the activities was the town of Livingston, where artistic performances that marked the arrival of this culture were performed Guatemala. One was in the representation of the arrival of the first inhabitants of this island led by Marcos Sanchez Diaz over two hundred years ago, called as Yurumein.

This activity has been carried out on this date from 1996 after the signing of the Peace by arrangement 83-96 of Congress to commemorate the arrival of the Garifuna Guatemalan land.

The Yurumein is a dramatization where the story of how the arrival of the Garifuna counts (Garifuna plural) this land. Two groups make the trip with dances and songs. One leaves the Captaincy and the other from San Jose to be in the main avenue of Livingston where there is a cross with soil from the beach, decorated with bananas, Cocos, candles and water.

The land represents the place where they arrived, banana and coconut the only food they had and the candle is light. When meeting, the two groups make a great holiday, the rhythm of the drums becomes more intense, one group is formed and headed to church to hear mass of thanksgiving.

Demetrio Cojti, Director General of Cultural and Capacity Development of Cultures delivered a message to the Garifuna Nation by cultural expressions manifested in Guatemala, to preserve their culture, especially with the language and dance.

Carlos Caballeros, Commissioner of the Commission on Discrimination and Racism (CODISRA) He stressed that "the Garifuna Nation is saying this in Guatemala and celebrate another year in American land where they are sharing their story at the time was tragic because we had to migrate from our lands"

The Ministry of Culture and Sports conducted cultural exchanges through an arts festival where dance groups presented and Garifuna song of Honduras, Belize and Guatemala. As part of the celebrations there were exhibitions of photographs, crafts, clothes made by children and young people participating in the project of Development and Safeguard Garifuna.

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