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Holiday Course – Recreational Supers

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Courses will be taught in the four sports centers, where he taught basketball, volleyball, football, rugby, hip-hop, judo, table tennis, Very Special Arts and Crafts. Each park has its disciplines. Space is limited, in the management of each park will expand the information

Sports Centre Gerona: Located on the 15th. Ave. 13 Street area 1, Neighborhood Gerona 13 Street area 1, Neighborhood Gerona.
Phone: 2238-3030

Mars Field Center: Located on the 32nd. Calle final 15ª. Ave. Area 5
Phone: 2334-1387

Center Erick Barrondo: Located in the 28 Ave. 14-02 Cologne City Silver II, area 7.
Phone: 2474-6608

Roosevelt Center: Located in the 9 Ave. Between 3 ª. The 6 ª. Street area 11.
Phone: 5921-4925

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