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Regulation to disclose Changing Rosa

The act of Changing Rosa aims to recognize the trajectory of individual or legal persons through their work contribute to promoting peace in Guatemala. The Ministry of Culture and Sports unveiled the procedure Changing the Rosa which is established in the Ministerial Agreement 738-2012 and was the Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the portfolio in question, María Rosa Chan, who told media that since the publication of the Agreement will be the agency in charge of such a distinction to manage on behalf of the Ministry.

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The official said that "by this distinction to legal and individual persons who have worked strictly on issues aimed at the culture of peace is granted, and that means in aspects of production, actions related to reconciliation, negotiation, harmonization and conflict prevention, at the municipal level, local, regional, national and international but have to do with Guatemala”. The honorees are given a diploma that certifies the title of Messengers of Peace.

And the embroidery, sent an open call for people who may be deserving of recognition is postulated. The Changing Rosa will take place once a month at the Monument of Peace, located in the Patio de la Paz National Palace of Culture, precisely where the Peace Accords were signed Firm and Lasting. Proposals must be delivered to the Office of the Minister of Culture and Sports, located on the third level of the National Palace of Culture.

Ministerial Agreement 586-2014 Change of the Rose of Peace

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