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Disclose results of studies at the Royal Palace of the Captains General


Declared in 1979 as World Heritage, Royal Palace of the General Captains of the City of Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, was the seat of government of Central, before the region is divided into countries that currently make.

In one of the domes of the monument, were filed this day, the results of the studies carried out to determine the appropriate use of the building, attended by representatives of civil society from Antigua Guatemala, entrepreneurs, experts on restoration and conservation of cultural property, Departmental Government and Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The studies were conducted with funds from the World Monuments Fund WMF (for its acronym in English), management by the Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage, María Rosa Chan. These were entrusted to a private company specializing in the restoration of colonial buildings.

De acuerdo Oscar Mora, Director of Cultural and Natural Heritage, within the purposes for such studies may be mentioned, obtaining specific data related to the structural capacity of the building, not to jeopardize human lives and prevent further damage to the property.

The official said, that according to the results of studies, use plan of the building will be developed, which will have to follow all the institutions that want to occupy a section of the Royal Palace, and that due to the damage it has suffered its structure, natural phenomena and the passage of time, is not possible to occupy all areas.

Mora added that any institution or entity interested in using some space Palace, must submit a documented and substantiated request to the Department of State Property.

Among the uses that have been proposed so far is to convert the Royal Palace into a cultural center and a museum to enable. For now they will have to continue making this type of meeting, to take into account the needs and views of all sectors involved in this process.

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