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Dan welcome the New Year Bearer Tak 'Alik Ab'aj

Cargador del Año en Tak’ Alik’ Ab’Aj_4918
Cargador del Año en Tak’ Alik’ Ab’Aj_4918

The Directorate for Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures Ministry of Culture and Sports held this 2 April the Wayeb ', a Mayan ceremony at the archaeological site Tak 'Alik Ab'aj, Retalhuleu. This is an activity of great importance to the people Maya, so the spiritual leaders in this activity given the authority to govern to continue strengthening the ancestral spirituality. This year the charger is 4 And.

The Wayeb 'consists of a five-day period at the end of the calendar Ab' or agricultural. These days are a period of preparation and meditation ceremony and reception by the arrival of the new boot time. This extra month is added to the 18 months 20 days to total them do 365 days.

The activity was attended by María Hernández Eustaquia, Director General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures who indicated: "At the Ministry of Culture and Sports promote and disseminate the multicultural identity that characterizes this country. In commemoration of Wayeb 'are days of harmony with ourselves, with Mother Nature, the cosmos. We ask our grandmothers and grandfathers fill us with wisdom and knowledge ".

Estanislao Teleguario, Ajq'ijab ' (spiritual guidance) emphasized: "Five days is to reflect meditate, thank our creator, on the first day it is customary to make a healing and spiritual purification. The second day the energies required so that the new cycle has the expected results. On the third day requests are made to correct the defects of the year just ended. The fourth day is suitable for wisdom and knowledge, and finally the fifth is focusing on asking grandparents guide people to the new year ".

And Charger

This charger guide on track to meet targets. Help build good teachers, leaders and people who give good example for everyone. It is the symbol of the road, destination and leading to the occupation.

Welcome at Tak 'Alik' ​​Ab 'Aj

Translating Tak 'Alik' ​​Ab 'Aj the Castilian means "Piedra Parada". According ministerial agreement 528 2002 is declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation for its archaeological value, historic cultural and artistic, It is located in the municipality of El Asintal Department of Retalhuleu. Currently this site is candidate to be evaluated by the United Nations to be considered World Heritage. To learn more about this place can be visited from Monday to Sunday between the hours of 7:00 a 17:00 hours, the cost of entry is Q.5.00 national and foreign Q.50.00.

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