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Definitions of smuggling

For our past has a future …
we must protect our cultural heritage.


The term “heritage” is a legal concept that has to do with all property and rights that a person or institution has. By incorporating the word “cultural” specify a set that includes our culture and heritage, aspects that can be tangible or intangible. So “Patrimonio Cultural” consists of a set of aspects of a culture that is necessary to rescue and care.

"Defining Cultural Heritage"

The definition of cultural heritage varies from one culture to another, their meanings change over time, history and social appropriation, but it is clear that these, make up the cultural heritage of nations.

The real and personal property for religious or secular, are of genuine importance or interest to the country, in relation to art, the history, Science, architecture, culture generally included in intangible assets and contribute to strengthening the identity of Guatemalans. Legislative Decree No.. 26-97

Cultural heritage means all natural and cultural, tangible and intangible, inherited or newly created, whereby, social groups recognize their identity and are subject to transfer it to future generations a better and enriched. Intergovernmental Conference on Cultural Policies for Development. Stockholm 1998.

Constitute Cultural Heritage, bearing elements testimony of history and identity of a particular culture, considered as such, under applicable law or viewed as essential to the understanding and preservation of a heritage specified. Items that are based on secular reasons Religious, have archaeological value, prehistoric, literary, artistic scientist. UNESCO

"Role of Cultural Heritage"

Cultural objects play a key role in strengthening the identity of the people; future generations, may know the past and establish a link with the present to meet the individual and collective challenges of tomorrow.

"Value of Cultural Heritage"

Cultural property its true value when, more precisely known origin, its history and its half. They are one of the fundamental elements of civilization and culture of the peoples.

"Threats of Cultural Heritage"

Its destruction, subsequent looting and trafficking, constitutes irreparable harm, because the shield them from their context, lose all value the same cultural-historical, preventing meet specific aspects of the ancient cultures of the peoples.

"Cultural Heritage"

Package of measures to safeguard cultural property that make up the Cultural Heritage, against all risks to which they may be exposed, including risks resulting from armed conflict, riots and other public disorders. "UNESCO Recommendation, On the Protection of Cultural Property assets "

Illicit Traffic of Cultural Heritage Archaeological

The looters GAUSHEROS: Archaeological sites operate in the country, taking advantage of the lack of monitoring of the same. Illegal excavations performed without proper techniques, greatly damaging sites.

Illicit Traffic and Republican Hispanic Heritage

DESPOILERS: Churches operate, Religious Centers, Museums and Other Centres, take advantage of the lack of monitoring for burglaries.

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