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Developing and Strengthening Culture through Mayan epigraphy

Una joven practica la escritura en Glifos.

A young girl practices writing in Glyphs.

In San Pedro town of Huehuetenango Soloma, Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 June workshop "Maya Epigraphy" was given, in which they participated around 40 people from neighboring municipalities and residents of the place. It is part one of a series of workshops that will be taught in various departments of Guatemala, organized by the Directorate General of Cultural Development and Strengthening of Cultures with support from the Center for Research and Study of Maya epigraphy "Sak Chuwen".

According to Alejandro Garay expert in Maya epigraphy and workshop facilitator, learn to "read and write" Maya writing, helps to restore the roots of the Maya peoples. He added that we must keep in mind that the ancient Maya did not use the letters we know today. They were using figures which represented one or several ideas.

The study of Maya epigraphy starts from colonial times, initiated by the Spanish and evolved over time. Through research and studies of different experts in the field to this day, and rules and methods are known to be able to decipher the glyphs that make up the Maya epigraphy.

This workshop is an introduction to the study of Maya epigraphy, where it is explained from the origin of writing, division in the languages, the relationship they have with the sounds language reading and writing glyphs.

The activity was attended by the graduate Jacqueline Marroquin, representative of the Office of Cultural Development. After the workshop gave each participant a program accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Sports Center diploma and research and study of Maya epigraphy "Sak Chuwen".

taller de epigrafía Maya Huehu 06271

Leonardo Garcia “Sak Chuwen” during his presentation.

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