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Rest in Peace Chef Humberto

Tuesday 8 April the news broke of the unfortunate death of Guatemalan chef Humberto Dominguez, possessing extensive experience as a director and creator of recipes. In addition to being a scholar of gastronomy, culinary artist managed the restaurant Kacao, which offers gourmet dishes of the Guatemalan cuisine.

The chef Humberto Dominguez has been an ally of the government. Last year he collaborated with the completion of Pasta Day through a recreation festival held in the Campus Martius. This time, Dominguez contributed his experience to share recipes and culinary expertise to develop the festival.

Dominguez was listed as culinary ambassador to Guatemala, for its continued participation in international activities. It took recipes native to other continents, generated discussion around the prehispanic cuisine, mainly scraps.

Among his professional experience, Domínguez was head chef of major international figures such as Juan Gabriel and Chayanne, inter alia. In memory of Guatemala and the world prevail simplicity and Humberto Dominguez talent as one of the most renowned chefs.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports hereby regrets his death.

Rest in peace!

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